Windshield ADAS Camera Calibration

Mt. Hood Glass is licensed in Safety System Calibration and ADAS Sensors. As the automotive industry pushes forward towards mini cameras and automated safety features in all vehicles within the next year, it is key to understand that your windshield is more than just a piece of glass; it’s becoming a key part of your vehicle’s safety system, complete with it’s own heaters, tinting, and technology.

Many vehicle manufacturers are already fitting the newest cars and trucks on the market with different models of ADAS technology – Advanced Driver Assistance Systems – that include cameras and sensors being present on or nearby the windshield. These systems monitor the outside of the vehicle to help the driver avoid potential collisions, usually by scanning the road ahead with a camera.

Due to the fact that extreme precision is an integral part of the ADAS system working properly, automakers have stipulated that the front-facing safety features require Camera and Sensor Calibration when they become damaged or you find yourself in need of a windshield replacement. For the most accurate results, we recommend replacing your windshield and recalibrating your ADAS cameras in a single appointment.

If you have a windshield safety system that requires calibration, you must find a licensed shop like Mt. Hood Glass that has the tools and specialized training to calibrate your windshield glass correctly.

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