No matter the damage to your windshield, you’ll be glad you went to MT. HOOD GLASS. They have the expertise to fix the damage, and they are efficient and friendly. All technicians are trained and licensed.

The MT. HOOD GLASS is a locally owned and operated Glass Repair Company. Our team proudly serve the Portland and Gresham areas with all your windshield and automotive glass service requirements. They’ll even work on your boat, RV or horse trailer, too, if you have any window safety issues.

It is not always necessary to replace a windshield damaged by a stone chip. Repair is often a viable and cost-effective alternative to the replacement of the entire windshield. The repair of laminated glass windshields is, however, only permissible if the following legal and technical limitations are observed:

1.    Damage should be repaired as soon as possible. Moisture or dirt should not be allowed to become visibly trapped in the damaged area, since trapped moisture and grime will yield a poor result.

2.    Only damage to the outer windshield surface that is no greater than 5 millimetres can be repaired. The inside screen and intermediate plastic foil must be intact.

3.    Lines radiating from the impact point may be no longer than 50 millimetres and should not terminate at the edge of the windshield.

4.    No repairs are allowed in the driver’s field of vision. Period. This is defined as a 29-centimetre-wide strip extending from the centre of the steering wheel and limited at the top and bottom by the area swept by the driver’s side windshield wiper.

After cleaning the area to be repaired, the air is removed by vacuum and then liquid resin is injected under high pressure. UV light is then directed at the repaired area to cure the resin until it is almost invisible. The surface is then levelled and polished.